Side dishes

Side dishes

All types o side dishes

Garlic roasted mushrooms

You can prepare this garlic roasted mushrooms in the oven to acccompany your main dish with.

Garlic roasted carrots

You can accompany your main dishes with these garlic roasted carrots baked in the oven which are really easy to make.

Mashed Potato

The mild flavor of cauliflower and its low calorie mixed with potato here, compared to regular mashed potato, makes this side dish recipe more tasty and healthier as well.

Garlic roasted zucchini

You can prepare this garlic roasted zucchini to accompany your main courses. Besides being really delicious, It is really easy to make.

Yogurt with Beetroot

Yogurt with beetroot recipe is delicious and easy to make. With just 4 ingredients, you can prepare this beautiful and also nutritious side dish.

Baked potatoes

These potatoes are not only tasty but also healthy. because of making them in the oven using very little oil.

Yogurt with Holandes Cucumber

This is a side dish recipe to accompany solid foods such as rice and meat. It is a very common dish in Iran, India and some Mediterranean countries.